Questions before the session:

Please introduce yourself!
Okay… i would like to skip that…

How would you describe your strength and body type?
185 cm and around 100 kg – sitting on work all day….

Do you train something? Running, swimming, martial arts..?
Not much left time …so not very regularly.

What do you expect from the session today?

But you had sessions already, right?
Yeah ..

Since when you are interested in MixedWrestling?
..Hmm..long time.

So – around 10 years?
Longer, i think 20.

20 years?!? Wow!! So you had a lot of sessions already?
Not really…not much around here in Prague.

What is fascinating you  on mixedwrestling?
Hmm…its an interesting question, but i dont think i can answer it.

Does somebody know about your session?
A few people – like the small czech community.

How often do you wrestle?
Once or twice a year.

How are the czech wrestlergirls?
They are a few popped up …but i didnt tried them yet.

Do you have a favorite wrestlergirl?
Vivi – she staid like two times here in Prague. That was very interesting. I couldnt believe someone so small could be so strong.

Which sessions do you like?
Competetive, Semi-Competetive, mostly in Gi.
I thought about it why i like it – but you cant answer why people like this or that.


After the session: *Heavy Breathing*

How was the session..ok its not over yet (We just had a break)

Was it like you expected?
More exhausting than i thought…!

What are you recommending to guys who want to have a session with me?
Get a health insurance!

How do you feel right now?
Totally exhausted..!!

….ok than i did a good job today!

Christmas Time in Prague!!!
23-27th of december 🙂


My Time in Prague was a wonderful experience!
I went there from the 23-27th of december.

It was a great experience, we had a cozy apartment,
perfect located in oldtown, next to “Sexy Sauna”
and an High-Class Stripclub.
(Seems to me that every second pub turns out as a Brothel :D)

Unfortunately it doesnt looks like there is a huge Wrestling-scene located.
I messaged a couple of wrestlergirls which didnt answered
or just didnt had time over the christmas days.

But at least i found one man, brave enough to book a session – and of course i had to do an interview with him!



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