What s this all about?

A very new kind of challenge: Mixed Wrestling!

Compete with a girl on the mats, try to win your fight – try it with all your strength, but you are still going to lose!

Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – synonyms for Groundfighting!
A match without punching and kicking – you still force your opponent to surrender with chokes and locks.

I discovered this passion for myself – since that day iam “Julia Chokes” – a 1,65 cm. tall wrestler girl with 21 years!


Is there a sexual element in mixed-Wrestling?

No! Of course it’s an exotic  experience to get dominated by a young woman – but there is no “Happy End” on the mats!
Of course – mixed wrestling is very intense with physical closeness – but I do not offer sexual service or naked fighting.

Come on – it’s not a real fight, isn’t it?

Sorry to shock you – but yes, it’s a real fight. Try to defend my attacks – I will win, I promise!



Do i have to fight in a Gi / Judo dress (check the picture)

No! Usual (tight) training clothes are enough!
(Leggins, Rush Guard….)
Of course I can organize you a Judo suit, so both of us can grapple in this special clothes, but I prefer the “no-Gi” variation 😉

Which clothes i have to wear?

please choose training-clothes which are tight!
For exmple: Leggins and Rush guard

If you want to be perfectly prepared for our session, also please remember this:

– Water(!!!)
– Flip Flops (for the Gym)
– Towel
– Shampoo
– your favourite music to fight



Who is going to fight against Julia?

Age, Height, Weight are not important – I will fight against everybody who is brave enough!

You don’t need some special technique-knowledge, you don’t need special fitness-skills if you want to compete with me:

Important is that both of us having a great time and a lot of fun on the mats, fighting and rolling and wrestling together!


Travelling and Events

I would love to travel – just invite me!
You just have to pay for my travel costs, because I can’t afford something else with my college-life!
Just check my travel plans under the point: “News”

But if you are in Berlin – just give me a call! Maybe we can meet in 20 minutes?


Ok it’s going serious now – i want to meet you – how does it work?

1) at first: give me a call! +49 1525 1971 162
Or write me a mail: julia-chokes@web.de
Please don’t call me with a hidden number!

2) Location: We are going to meet in front of the fighting location. Depends on which one do you prefer. For more details: Give me a call or ask via mail 😉

3) Fight: We are going to fight on real mats. I do not offer “Hotel Room Fights” !
There is no strictly routine, it’s always an individual experience!