“Hey Guys!
Iam Julia, 22 years old and a new-passionated groundfighter.
Training now Submission Wrestling, Grapping, BJJ for 2 years, 5 times a week – to clime the top of the fighter-girl-scene.
Mostly men underrate me for my female-look and style, and the babyface i still have. But my chokes and lever handles are dangerous!
(It’s not a joke if my coach called me his Pit-Bull)

Follow me on facebook to get informed ASAP about my travel plans!
Or Just call me spontaneos, or shortly before you are going to be in Berlin!

I dont care if you are tall or thin, I just want to fight!
(The heaviest guy i fought with was over 145 kg… 😉

Hope to choke you soon …
….lovely Greets: your Julia

Here is part of a nice email, my last fighting-date wrote to me after our “meeting”:

“Dear Julia,  Thanks for giving me such great time today… I’m  so happy… I know believe that a small girl like you could kick ass of a big man like me. I know that you was easy a bit with me cos from what I see in you was unbelievable, my god! You are so beautiful and sexy feminist about 65 kg, 165 cm …and was very easy for you to put down on floor a man which 115 kg ,186 cm , how even you can do that !!…. You are stronger with just 6 month training, I wounder what you will be in 1 or two years, I believe that if you continue like this you will get Germany championship, I’m not kidding, but near future I think in other 6 month you could kick me down in seconds, but what us really make you great that you will be always the same lovely small girl …that make me love you. By the way I have little pain on arms and legs what you did to me! 🙂
Yours faithfully,”

MG_1090-2-708x1024 (1)

Stats: 1.65 m (5-5), 75 kg  (153 lb.), born 1992
Location: Berlin – have own room to fight in
Mobile: 015251971162
Specialties: choking until knock-out, deadly (head) scissors